[Translate to Ru:] List of past events and news

Февраль 05.16


Международная выставка НЕФТЕГАЗ одна из самых больших выставок в России в отрасли нефтегазопереработки и нефтехимии. Каждые 2...

Ноябрь 03.15

Planetary System on Earth

Siegener Zeitung 29/10/2015

Декабрь 18.14

Tarpaulin of a new trailer

Some time ago, STL Logistik AG - a forwarding agency from Haiger, asked us to design the tarpaulin of a new trailer. We...

Май 16.14

Inhouse fair 10. April 2014

Introduction of our new production line for large-diameter heads

The 3rd KÖNIG + CO. inhouse fair – after 2010 and 2008 – gave...

Март 20.14


Approval by GL

After a successfully passed examination by GL we have been certified to produce forming and pressed parts...