This method is a 2-step forming process. In the first step (dishing) a blank is formed between 2 spherical dishing tools (matrix and die) to a sphere (so-called dish only). With a manipulator the blank/dish only is moved in the different forming positions.

The second step is the forming of the knuckle radius and the straight flange on a flanging/spinning machine. The forming process is proceeding between 2 rotating rolls (shape roll and press roll). The shape roll correspond to the radius of the required knuckle and the press roll is responsible for the transmission of the required reshaping power/pressure.

In the year 2001 KÖNIG + CO. has established by modification of the the strongest flanging machine the so-called hot flanging/spinning process. This forming process is carried out at a temperature range between 650 and 1050°C depending on the material grade. Herewith it is possible to manufacture heads with plate thicknesses up to 80 mm, a diameter up to Ø 8000 mm and a max. single piece weight of 17t .

In 2009 we have invested in a new dishing press which allows hot and cold operation. This machine is unique in the world.

Hot spinning of an Elliptical head 2:1 
Øi4000 x 71 in SA-516 Gr. 70

For hot and cold operation 
CNC controlled dishing press 1200t with 30t manipulator and 8,6 m between the columns