KÖNIG + CO. uses 7 gas fired and 2 electro heated furnaces with a maximum temperature of 1.200°C. All furnaces are controlled by calibrated thermo couples. The heat process is recorderd with the furnace control system. Of course, we are able to measure the temperature by thermo couples fixed on the annealed part. All furnaces are equipted with quenching bath and/or shower device.

Kinds of heat treatment:

  • Normalizing (850-980°C) - Carbon Steel

  • Normalizing and Quenching (rapid quenching in water or accelerated cooling on air) followed by Tempering - NQT-steels e.g. ASME II Cl. 2 - materials like e.g. SA-387 Gr.22 Cl.2 or SA-537 Cl.2

  • Tempering (650-750°C) 

  • Stress relieving [PWHT - Post Weld Heat Treatment] (595-720°C) 

  • Solution annealing (1000-1180°C) - Stainless Steel, Duplex and Super Duplex, NI-alloys with subsequent quenching in water bath

  • Soft annealing - Aluminium alloys, Titanium and Zirconium