In 2001 we redesigned our strongest flanging machine for hot spinning to enlarge the capacity for heads up to a thickness of 75 mm plate thickness and a max. weight of 17 tons per piece.


In 2003 we invested in our new combined plasma tig welding equipment in our plant Siegen to weld blank sizes up to 7.5 m in stainless steel, nickel alloys and even titanium and zirconium.


In 2004 the front of the administration building in Netphen was refurbished. For our employees and for our guests a more comfortable atmosphere was created.


After 47 years with König + Co., among them 16 years in the management, Mr. Günther Jung retired. Under his direction large projects with champagne tanks up to a content of 250,000 l became a specialty of König + Co.


The purchase of a turn and tilt welding manipulator with a loading capacity of 150 tons as well as a 10 m high welding equipment are further milestones for the production of heads made of crown and petals.


In 2005 we have invested in a new 400t CNC controlled dishing press in our plant Hockenheim. Concerning rotating speed (manipulator) and speed in building up the pressure (press) this machine is for sure one of the most effcient machines in the world for head production.


A further example of an innovative investment is our robot hole cutting machine that started running in 2006. This machine ensures a qualitatively high performance of the cutting of holes into heads including edge preparation.


In 2010 the first hot dishing press worldwide starts production.

"The early realization of König + Co. to concentrate on single and serial production within the head production as well as the forming of high value materials and special pressings, proves the great vision of the former management.

The management is constantly endeavoured to build a bridge between past and future. However, we know that the human being resp. the team has to be in the focus of our reflections as condition for our success!"

Bernd and Jochen König