Start of manufacturing of large single piece heads

up Ø7000 mm in 1972.

Extension of fabrication

in 1982 for hot pressed and segmented heads as well as tank waggon heads - hall 7 and 8

in 1990 for surface treatment  (several grinding machines and a ferite free shot blasting unit) - new hall 9


Early the 1970ies, with the construction of workshop No. 6 the production of large heads up to a diameter of 7 m was extended. Furthermore the administration moved into a new building. After several rebuilding and renovation measurements, this building has been locating the administration of König + Co. until today.




1980 - 1990

Early the 1980ies, the largest investments in the company’s history followed:
for 6 Mio € the workshops No. 7 and 8 were constructed, a 2000 to hot forming press was bought, as well as a modern pickling device and a nearly unique head forming machine was purchased.

After the relevant workshop had been enlarged, the production of large seized heads made of crown and petal could start.

The requirements of the market were met with the new workshop No. 9 and the subsequently purchased production equipment for the surface treatment of especially stainless steel heads.