The construction of the workshops Nos. 1, 2 and 5 in 1961 considerably increased the real estate in Netphen and created thus more space for the further planned investments.

By the purchase of several head production machines in those years, König + Co. was able to produce a far production range of heads, cones and hemispherical heads in a variety of dimensions up to a diameter of about 3.2 m.

In 1963 the sons of Gustav König, Gerhard and Helmut König joined the company. After having worked successfully in the commercial department of the company, Helmut König passed away in 1976 - too early at the age of 41.

Gerhard König worked at first in the technical department, before he took over the management of König + Co. in 1975, until he retired in 1999. As a mechanical engineer he contributed numerous own developments to the current efficiency of König + Co.


In 1963 the works in Hockenheim was bought, at the beginning heads with a diameter of up to 2.5 m could be produced. During the next 20 years Mr. Willi Budeus managed the works in Hockenheim, before in 1996 Lothar Schmidt followed him. Nowadays our works in Hockenheim is specialized in the production of heads for tank trucks and stainless steel heads with small wall thicknesses.

1965 - 1970

During the years 1965 – 1970 several workshops were enlarged, a hot pressing machine with a rocker bar furnace was bought. Additionally the purchase of a stove furnace increased the paint shop/surface technology department which that was part of König + Co. for many years.

Gerhard König

Helmut König