How all began


After the foundation of König + Co. GmbH by its four associates, Adolf and Gustav Köng, Paul Nöh and Ernst Horn, the works in Netphen started with the production of simple vessels, as for pressure air for example.


In 1933 and after the purchase of the first spindle presses and flanging machines, König + Co. started with the head production.

At the age of 65, Adolf König, one of the company’s founders, died in 1945 after just a few active years. For the following decades his son Gustav König played a central role in the company.


In 1949 another successful chapter was opened in the history of the company: for the following couple of years vessels, being inside and outside coated, were produced under the name Akorrosit. This special type of vessel was particularly used in the wine and champagne production.

Adolf König

Gustav König

Paul Nöh