In an area of about 65.000m² and with approximately 200 employees we are manufacturing heads from 21,3 mm up to 13.500 mm in diameter of all common head forms in our parent plant Netphen.

In addition to the considerable and constantly updated machinery in the field of welding and forming technology and heat treatment, the plant in Netphen has various possibilities in the field of surface technology, e.g. pickling, sand blasting and grinding.

The far-reaching range of the materials used includes construction and high-grade steel, fine-grained steel, duplex and super duplex, as well as special materials as nickel alloys, titan and bonded materials. As a basis for delivery of heads in numerous countries we are certified to the most different national and international standards (e.g. PED, ASME U-stamp, Norsok).


With our decades of experience in the production of heads, the Haiger branch was built in 2016 on an area of 22.000 m² and has optimal conditions for the production of heads with a diameter from 1.500 mm to 6.500 mm. With a modern machinery (e.g. a plasma/WIG portal welding system) we solely manufacture stainless materials in the dishing and flanging procedure. Surface treatments through mechanical grinding and heat treatments in a gas operated chamber oven are possible as well. In addition, the Haiger branch is specialized in the production of thin-walled heads e.g. for the beverage and food industry.

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