Our strengths.

The combination of lean manufacturing processes and our extensive machinery allows us to respond to your needs individually.

Our range of services includes:

  • cold and warm pressing
  • dishing and flanging
  • heat treatment
  • welding
  • edge preparation
  • 3D robot cutting plant
  • surface treatment

Download of possible edge preparation

With our unique tool park for the deep-drawing of heads, we offer our customers almost every type of heads with a diameter of 21.3 to 2.100 mm. In addition, we enable highest form accuracy with wall thicknesses of 2 to 200 mm.

In the dishing and flanging process we form heads in one piece with up to 8.200 mm in diameter, 120 mm wall thickness and 30 tons unit weight.

For the heat treatment we use gas-fired furnaces with a maximum temperature of 1200° C as well as various possibilities for a quick quenching of the heads.

To optimally implement your requirements we offer different treatments:

  • Normalizing (850-980°C)
  • Tempering (650-750°C)
  • Stress-relief annealing / PWHT – post weld heat treatment (595-720°C)
  • Solution annealing (1000-1180°C)
  • Soft annealing

One of the world´s biggest heat treatment plants with a Norsok authorization is located in our factory. It consists of a high performance furnace in combination with a 500.000 liter dip tank and a 40 tons charging machine.


Our range of services includes various methods of surface treatment, such as sandblasting, pickling as well as the inside and outside grinding in all dimensions.


With our 3D robot cutting system, we carry out punch holes – including a complete edge processing – in any position. The alignment of the cuttings can be radial or axial, complicated cuttings e.g. in the knuckle area are also possible. In the plasma cutting process, wall thicknesses up to 85 mm and in the autogenous cutting process up to 200 mm are handled.


We round out our service portfolio with many years of experience in a wide variety of welding processes. This includes:

  • Plasma-TIG welding
  • submerged-arc welding
  • Electroslag strip welding
  • MIG / MAG
  • Electrode welding

The large number of welding permissions enables us to meet the most diverse welding requirements of our customers. A consistently high-quality welding result is guaranteed.

Power, variety and reliability – we have tailored our manufacturing processes to the highest standards.

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