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To ensure short delivery dates we have a comprehensive number of torispherical and semi ellipsoidal heads on stock. Wall thicknesses up to 18 mm and diameters up to 2.000 mm are available in common ferritic and austenitic grades. Shipping is possible within 24 hours!


You can find one of the worldwide biggest stocks for torispherical heads (DIN 28011) and semi ellipsoidal heads (DIN 28013) at KÖNIG + CO. Heads are available in the following materials:

  • P265GH / SA-516 Gr. 60
  • 1.4301 / SA-240 304
  • 1.4307 / SA-240 304L
  • 1.4404 / SA-240 316L
  • 1.4541 / SA-240 321
  • 1.4571 / SA-240 316Ti

All heads on stock < 4 mm wall thickness are prepared with a flat edge and > 4 mm are prepared with a VO 30° edge. If necessary, we adjust the edge according to your requirements.

inside view storage depot for heads
shelf with heads in stock

You can download our stock list here.

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